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Keystone XL Pipeline Protest in Denver Tomorrow.

Since not all of us can be in D.C. on Sunday, there will be a movement in Denver on Saturday in solidarity with the Tar Sands Action. While I wish I could be there more than anything, I’m pumped about joining the action here in Colorado. If you aren’t sure what the Keystone XL Pipeline is, you should definitely read this. Essentially, the pipeline is the death of our environment. It’s just another step towards increasing our dependence on dirty oil. How so? Well, if this is approved, it will be a pipeline running from Nebraska to the Gulf Coast of Texas. It will not be lessening our dependence on foreign oil, but rather causing us to become dependent on Canadian oil. Not to mention the environmental risks. Any minor leak, and it’s complete and utter devastation for the American water supply. Do you hear me now? There’s not denying it, this pipeline is a terrible idea. Thousands have stood up, and so should you. So join the fight. Tomorrow, downtown.

Here’s where:

What: Denver Tar Sands Action Solidarity March and Rally
When: Saturday Nov. 5th, 11 AM - 1 PM
Where: From the Denver Federal Reserve (1020 16th Street) to the Canadian Consul Office at the World Trade Center (1625 Broadway)

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